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Launching November 2020

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From the very first days, we at AI Insider have been driven by the curiosity and exploration that revolve around new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and how businesses can leverage them to address their current requirements, accomplish improvements, and develop new projects.
Then, while working with small and medium-sized companies and listening to their business leaders, we understood the variety of their challenges in the real world and the connection with their digital future.
So, we delved into the new and uncharted as well as into the usual challenges to create and provide solutions and IT services that are the best of what helps businesses lead their digital future.
That is just a preview.
Until our website is ready for you to take a tour and learn more about AI Insider, keep exploring below.

The rewards of your curiosity

Know why we are in business, what we stand for, how we are going to break through the world, and what we do in the 3-chapter story shared by Marius Podea, AI Insider’s Founder.

Why climbing the next mountain

Creating the path forward where there is no map. AI Insider in the making

Technology is more like the gear to rely on when climbing the mountain. It is the partner, not (yet) the way that instantly projects the business into the digital future. Understanding technology as the partner to achieve vision and purpose is what keeps the business value in focus.
Begin with the business value, then pursue technology.

This — is Chapter I:

The way up
the mountain

Creating the path forward where there is no map. AI Insider in the making

Any IT initiative can impact the business, and acting with trust and empathy makes people better at figuring out and creating and providing the right solutions in the right way.

Doing business this way makes it easier for partners to achieve their objectives.

This — is Chapter II:

Reaching the top of the mountain

Creating the path forward where there is no map. AI Insider in the making

Partnerships cultivate and validate shared purpose first, then shared success, and achieving both means taking the responsibility to prepare and adapt continuously.

The previous experience works if you continuously prepare and adapt to the climb’s conditions, as when entering uncharted paths, experience makes way for adaptability.

This — is Chapter III:

The rewards of your curiosity

There is more

Meet Vic Dorfman, one of our clients. In this video, he gladly shares with you how what AI Insider did matters for his business – a good chance for you to get to know us a bit.

There is more

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