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Clients’ trust, real results, and experience are the most valuable references

Completed projects, ongoing partnerships, and delighted clients who rely on us are our most valuable references.

At AI Insider, we work together with small and medium-sized companies, and we’re committed to our promise to make businesses’ transition to their digital future real, more approachable, and sustainable – with an AI-first philosophy, the best technology at hand, and empathy.


Our clients share with you their perspectives through the results and the experience they had as working with us: from the objectives they were trying to achieve to the solutions, from what made them the happiest about working with us to giving you their view on why considering AI Insider.

Who are they?

Case Studies

We have set up a case study collection to enable you to get useful information about our competences, professional experience, and impact: from understanding the clients’ business context and challenges to reaching together the right solution and the expected results.

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We’d love to hear more about what you’re working on and how we can help you get real results.