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AI Insider

We are the full IT service provider committed to bringing value to our clients’ businesses through any IT initiative.

And we want to do more.

As a full IT service provider by nature and partner by approach, we ease the tech challenges for our clients, guiding them in leading their digital future with an AI-first philosophy.

Through our end-to-end services, we partner with our clients to cover both their short-term needs and long-term objectives. It is how we enable every business leader to focus on key aspects of their business.

The story

AI Insider was born from the intense curiosity and exploration that revolve around new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, and how businesses can leverage them.

Inspired by this bond between the unexplored and the opportunities for clients’ businesses, AI Insider seeks to delve into the uncharted – be it mundane or new challenges that need new or reimagined solutions, and develop and deliver the best of what helps clients lead their digital future.

AI Insider today

Today, AI Insider embraces its mission to guide and help business leaders effortlessly manage their challenges with the best technology at hand.

The vision

As business- and technology-defined professionals, we believe, at some point, there’s AI in every application. However, only together, through human connection, we can leverage and develop it into an enabler for business, industries, and people.

This way, AI Insider is committed to becoming the driver of end-to-end IT services that move businesses forward into the digital future, where Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of every application, and empathy at the heart of every interaction.

AI Insider,
  • believe in purpose – We are purpose-driven people, allowing us to clearly define our direction and speed and to create an impact by bringing our best at work.
  • show empathy – We embrace high commitment, co-creation, collaboration, and connection, and we believe they are a vital force that makes us better at figuring out and finding solutions.
  • pursue growth – We stay curious and open to new findings and perspectives.
    We know our work ties up to quality, improvement, challenges, and the future.
    With them, we can seize exciting opportunities for us and others.
  • put trust at the base of everything we do – We believe the best work happens when we trust each other, and it lies in our responsibility to achieve this through transparency and the way of working.

We strive to embody these four core values every day and guide us to achieve our mission.

We’re the IT partner for the real world

We see real results and impact through technical expertise

We see the real human connection through a consultative approach

We see real transparency and flexibility by adapting to clients’ needs

How we work and collaborate


We believe exploration and analysis are essential ingredients in every project.

From developing initial assessments to understanding the business value and the expected outcomes, from technology feasibility phases to tailored options and solutions, discovery prepares us and our client to approach any tech challenge.


By synthesizing the discovery, we can focus better on business.

From prioritizing objectives to defining the architecture, from describing roadmaps to developing scope, timeline, budget, methodologies, and impact (KPIs) transparency, an agreed direction contributes to a successful tech solution.


If the agreed direction plays its part in a successful solution, so does the development.

From rapidly iterating a workable pilot to feedback and further iterations, from testing and deployment, measuring, and presenting the results, a fully functioning solution gets directly in the client’s hands.


No application or solution stays completely separated from business – everyday business or business growth.

From keeping applications and systems up and running to continue bringing them at optimum levels, management and optimization bring more than prevention, they bring peace of mind.

Guided by this way of working and collaborating, we’ve always aimed to cover clients’ needs and objectives end-to-end. At the same time, we strive to improve and build on this approach.

That is why we chose to do this by relying on our colleagues and our 1,000+ community of collaborators to further fulfill clients’ needs and objectives by adding flexibility in scalability, best practices, and industry expertise.


Marius Podea

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