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3 big takeaways from Romanian AI Days 2023 that stayed with us

With each passing year, we witness the strides made in AI technology, all of which hold the potential to enhance our lives, transform industries, and address some of the most pressing challenges in society. What AI advancements have you witnessed recently? We share three takeaways that we came away with from Romanian AI Days 2023.

Telemetry: a big opportunity to approach scaling in the cloud – Part 2

If you’re hosting your application in Azure you can instrument your already deployed application with no code modifications at all using Azure Application Insights. How? Let’s take a closer look. Plus, where OpenTelemetry comes in handy.

Telemetry: a big opportunity to approach scaling in the cloud – Part 1

The topic of scalability has been evolving very fast in the last 10 years. Understandable if one could get lost in tons of SDKs, tools, and product announcements. What flavors of scalability to consider in the cloud? How to find the right process to extract for scaling using telemetry? Let’s dive in.

The Scrum Master – a key role for project success

Keeping up the forward momentum in complex projects isn’t easy. But it’s far simple when you have a Scrum Master alongside. It’s the Scrum Master’s role to know when and how to support the organization for an agile future, help the team stay on track, and keep things moving. A guiding article about the Scrum Master’s key role in project success.

How to choose the agile project management tool to suit your practice

Is there an agile project management tool more suitable than another? How to get the most value from such a tool? There are a few questions to include in your journey to find the best tool that fits your needs, and we share with you some of them. Plus, a head-to-head comparison of Azure Boards and Jira and recommendations from the real world.

What we learned at the Manage Agile Conference

Over the last years, agile has enabled successful IT projects. More recently, it has been expanding to other industries. How do different industries understand the agile mindset and its practices? As leaders from various businesses, how are you enabling organizational agility? Here’s a handful of the insights we offered up during Manage Agile 2020.

Reaching the top of the mountain

Partnerships cultivate and validate shared purpose first, then shared success, and achieving both means taking the responsibility to prepare and adapt continuously.

The way up the mountain

Any IT initiative can impact the business, and acting with trust and empathy makes people better at figuring out and creating and providing the right solutions in the right way. Doing business this way makes it easier for partners to achieve their objectives.

Why climbing the next mountain

Technology is the partner, not (yet) the way that instantly projects the business into the digital future. Understanding technology as the partner to achieve vision and purpose is what keeps the business value in focus. Begin with the business value, then pursue technology.