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Creating the path forward when there is no map.
AI Insider in the making

Why climbing
the next mountain

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Chapter I
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Technology is more like the gear to rely on when climbing the mountain. It is the partner, not (yet) the way that instantly projects the business into the digital future. Understanding technology as the partner to achieve vision and purpose is what keeps the business value in focus. Begin with the business value, then pursue technology.
In the next few weeks, we share with you the #AIInsiderInTheMaking series, a 3-chapter story of AI Insider, the full IT service provider making businesses’ transition to their digital future real, more approachable, and sustainable.
You will discover why we are in business, what we stand for, how we are going to break through the world, what we do.
As stories are more than a flash, and so is ours, we share one chapter at a time so you can read each part in one sitting.
This — is Chapter I:
by Marius Podea
AI Insider Founder

Imagine feeling enthusiastic. Having the expertise, the drive, the tools, the partners, the team, so you create solutions for any challenges, learn from them, overcome barriers, and achieve your vision. Imagine feeling empowered. Getting involved in new, greenfield initiatives, being able to assess and accept the risks of failure and the progress, so you create the right approaches, assume responsibility, and appreciate the journey and the results.

You might feel this by thinking about your work, your partners, your business, or your industry. Likewise, AI Insider, the full IT service company I founded, enables us to connect to what we do and with our clients in a way that frees our enthusiasm, empowerment and lets our expertise answer to their needs and objectives.
Sustainability, creating and providing solutions and IT services, and building partnerships that last will pay off in the long run — it’s a climb on a mountain.
In 2007, I made the first steps in IT. I experienced my first years as a developer, building products, applications, and functionalities. Then, I transitioned to Scrum Master, Project Manager, and, eventually, to Unit Manager, moving most of my focus on developing business partnerships, collaborations, and the business, overall.
During that time, with the teams I was part of, we made the efforts to make things possible. We aimed for creating and providing value – starting with applications and carrying on with the contexts to develop the business in collaboration with clients, new business directions, and a healthy and fulfilling team culture towards consultancy and client orientation. It was not easy, and we took it as our challenge to create solutions with enduring value.
Now, the aim is the same, consistent, but the context is new. AI Insider, the full IT service company I founded, is the greenfield site. It gives us, the new team, both worlds – the new context to create and provide solutions and IT services that bring value to businesses and their people and the continuity to redefine ourselves while doing so. We’re about sustainability, about creating solutions, providing IT services, and building partnerships that last. For us and our partners, they will pay off in the long run — it’s a climb on a mountain.
The usual approach sees technology as a standalone answer. Look at technology as a partner for businesses.
With business, the better the understanding, the better your chances of finding the best technology at hand to create and provide the solutions and the services that bring value. The quality of the solution and the technology – how the technology actually integrates and performs within the business – are critical. A technological solution is not necessarily successful because it embodies a new technology but because it integrates without risking any part of the existing business and because the people who benefit from it are comfortable working with it. It is what makes the technology valuable – not only what you implement but also the way you implement it.
The usual approach sees technology as a standalone answer. As my background and purpose relate to creating and providing solutions and IT services that bring value, I look at technology as a partner for businesses.
Let’s take the example of Artificial Intelligence. AI is not a standalone answer. It is part of an ecosystem. AI can be a smaller or a larger piece of the ecosystem, but it cannot work as a standalone piece. Manufacturers work with machine learning systems for predictive maintenance and product quality assurance. Smart factory operators work with AI to predict possible disruptions and optimize operational efficiency. Healthcare professionals work with AI to analyze and process data at scale – electronic data records, high-resolution images for diagnostics with a minimal likelihood for error, etc. Individuals work with AI for more personalized care and treatment to be healthier. In financial services, the players work with AI in credit scoring, risk management, to personalize their banking services, and so on. For these businesses, Artificial Intelligence is the everyday partner in their ecosystem and people’s partner in their workplace.
Of course, not all businesses transition to their digital future by taking leaps. Adopting new technologies has always been a challenge – the more impact technology has, the bigger the challenge is. Yet if done thoughtfully and by engaging the people who will be working with it, the transition can be smooth. So, businesses’ transition to their digital future starts with the status quo. Depending on it, companies invest more or less in digitalization. But not all of them must take a disruptive leap. Small steps can move businesses forward and get them there as well, or prepare them for their leap. The transition to their digital future should be real, approachable, and sustainable, and the route flexible.
Begin with the business value, then pursue the technology.
Before creating and providing any solution or service – whether it is AI or automation or any other solution to an IT challenge – we always start by asking about the business. We begin with the business, then pursue the technology. We want to make sure that the new technologies or even new features and functions of the existing technologies produce business value now and in the future. What problem are we trying to solve? How would you work with technology? Which considerations would it need, and which considerations would it not need to be relevant to your business? In this direction, I do think that AI Insider’s biggest contribution to clients is making businesses’ transition to their digital future real, more approachable, and sustainable by working with technology as a partner.
For example, one of our clients wanted to shift their recruiters’ focus from repetitively searching for and filtering potential candidates to connecting with candidates and increasing the accuracy of their profiles. Only after a thorough analysis, a Robotic Process Automation solution emerged as bringing them the value they needed and expected – meaning round the clock searching for and contacting the best possible candidates to fill multiple positions within companies. After the RPA implementation, our partner increased the accuracy of the candidate profiles, scaled its services with a 5x factor, and provided recruitment services for the US-based positions while keeping their regular working hours in Europe.
In our client’s case, it worked flawlessly due to the business value identified and provided. The business value should always come first, not the bells and whistles around the technology. As a business leader, you have to analyze the status quo and get to the real route to value. The analysis isn’t easy, but it pays off. Otherwise, if the technology doesn’t provide business value, then the only thing it might produce is more complexity.
When you approach technology as a partner that answers to your vision and purpose, it makes you focus. If you look around, what do you see? Most of the businesses lie in complex application landscapes, and the world is abundant in technologies. Complexity is easy. Simplifying things – working with technology based on your vision and purpose – is harder to achieve but achievable with focus.
It is how I decided to approach technology as a partner. The best technology at hand as a partner for whatever your vision and purpose are – for why you are climbing the current mountain and the next one. As I am climbing the mountain to create and provide solutions and IT services that bring value to businesses and their people, AI Insider is the partner – and the path forward I created – to achieve this purpose.

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In Chapter II, trust and empathy make it easier for partners to achieve their objectives. What does the way up the mountain look like?
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