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Developing a customized agile-based project management framework for a new way forward

Transforming the way of working for better quality,
more satisfied customers and teams

Client: MemberFix
The challenge
Help MemberFix improve the quality of the web solutions delivered to their customers, restore the team’s working path, meaning no overtime, and scale the volume of the projects.
The outcome
A custom-built project management framework to fit the velocity of the collaborations, type of technical projects, and size of the team.
Since using the project management framework in 2020, MemberFix improved customer satisfaction, the EBIT, as well as the team’s satisfaction.

Project management can often be a higher challenge than the project itself. Clearly defining the real problem to solve, determining scope, knowing what the project will produce and look like when completed, preparing for trade-offs – it can be demanding for anyone, and it doesn’t need to be a launching Moon Shot project.

At the beginning of 2020, MemberFix, a service business specialized in membership sites, was facing a similar challenge.

MemberFix has already had several years on the market, delivering web solutions to its customers. It has been working to take all the burdens of running an online business safely off its customers’ hands and solve their problems. Always ready to get the job done – a fix, troubleshooting, integration.

Amidst this intense tempo, the company started to re-address the already delivered solutions due to their quality, the team was doing overtime regularly, and the volume of projects hardly scaled up.

MemberFix brought its challenge to AI Insider and worked together to solve the problem by implementing outstanding project management.

By talking to the founder of MemberFix, AI Insider understood the context of their work and the promise to their customers.

In the first weeks of the collaboration, together, we defined the company’s status quo, identified the quality challenges in the project delivery and the overall daily business, and looked at the financial aspect of the company (rates, income, costs, and profitability).

With these insights in hand, AI Insider worked with MemberFix to develop the plan with the areas to focus on and the specific objectives to achieve.

“In the first sessions that we had with AI Insider, the practical advice that we received was immediately transformative to our business. It transformed the way that we approach the process of initially communicating with prospective customers, with how we make the discovery, how we scope their projects, and how we define and clarify requirements with them.”
Vic Dorfman, Founder of MemberFix

Powered by its experience in project management and agile delivery, AI Insider proposed and developed an agile-based project management framework, that addressed the quality of their work according to MemberFix’s knowledge and, consequently, improved customer satisfaction.

AI Insider also took care of the way the project phases were scoped, broken down, planned, delivered, and rolled out. Once the project delivery sharpened, AI Insider engaged in the planning of the overall projects’ landscape.

The company’ founder and AI Insider joined forces to continuously improve the company’s services and deliverables and, through regular workshops, focused on challenging the status quo to identify new improvement opportunities.

The resulting solution is a custom-built project management framework to fit the velocity of the collaborations, type of technical projects, and size of the team. The framework is based on the agile methodology, with an iterative approach on each of the project phases, and on the Kanban approach for the support provided after the project roll-out.

The custom-built, agile-based project management framework fits MemberFix’s needs and covers, among others, task management, allocation management, client management, and the most suitable way of working.

After the first 3 months of collaboration, due to the solution, MemberFix improved customer satisfaction (by decreasing the number of bugs returning for fixing), the EBIT, as well as the team’s satisfaction.

The solution also allows MemberFix to plan, increasing the predictability in the team’s allocation, recruiting, and financial planning.

Having control over their delivery, MemberFix is looking now towards expanding the sales to increase the number of projects it can deliver.

The collaboration with AI Insider started in March 2020, and it is still ongoing, with a focus on scaling the volume of the projects and their connected areas.

It’s not always easy for clients to put resources in any work, especially outside their core business. But quality, customer satisfaction, as well as team satisfaction were of a high priority for MemberFix.

Together, MemberFix and AI Insider identified the pressing need and developed a customized agile-based project management framework from the ground up to meet it and define the new way forward.

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