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Artificial Intelligence

AI for the real world

You don’t exactly know what you need from Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Or not sure where to begin?

How to scale it?

It is ok.

AI Insider is with you and makes AI real for your world.

We cover end-to-end AI services for your business objectives, and the way we act makes the experience easier for you, from the investment to value, from the beginning to the end, or just in tiny pieces, if you like.

Make it clear

AI Consulting
What you need, where to begin and how to go forward are just the start.
AI readiness assessment
AI workshops
Executive briefings
AI strategy

Make it real

AI End-to-End Development
Strategies and plans
create value
in the real world.
Rapid PoC, prototype, and pilot development
Custom AI development
End-to-end AI solution development

Make it live

AI End-to-End Integration
Lifelong solutions
cover the
overall business.
Integrating the AI solution with existing systems, processes, and functions

We’ll take you through a structured yet flexible approach for you to get tangible value faster.

So, what are we doing?

We work with you to understand cognitive branches and technologies, plus how they work, the strengths and limitations of each, so the right technology helps you navigate with evidence, speed, and insight.

Our capabilities

Machine Learning & Deep Learning
Optimize and automate business processes, mitigate or eliminate risks, understand, and build better-personalized relationships with your customers
Pattern recognition, data & analytics, predictive analytics
Natural Language Processing & Text Analysis
Rank texts based on relevance, identify emotions, extract meaning, speed up analysis, and perform initiatives focused on your customers
Figures, names, entities
Simplify, automate, and commit to zero mistakes in difficult decision-making processes based on images
Image recognition and image detection, object detection, tracking and labeling, data labeling, image labeling

We assess your business context to have a better understanding of your business needs, objectives, and opportunities.

Then, together with you, we select and leverage the technology that is truly up to the task – and aligned with your priorities and industry.

As we believe taking incremental steps – while transitioning to your digital future – is a wise thing to do, we develop rapid PoCs, prototypes, and pilots for your AI initiatives before rolling them out company-wide.

They speed up the course, showcase results, allow you to minimize risks, and let you move the ship around with more confidence at the appropriate time.

Once PoCs and pilots are successfully launched, we continue to work on achieving your goal and develop fully functioning solutions.

After they are live, we validate all success criteria assumptions and track and measure all future outcomes our services deliver.

As the solution scales up, it requires integration with existing systems, processes, and business functions.

From our experience, AI may be the easy part – integration is a challenge you can face in running the AI initiatives – the good news is that we can help you.

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End-to-End Application
AI Insider

Want to take this conversation forward?

We’d love to hear more about what you’re working on and how we can help make AI real for your world.