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Creating the path forward when there is no map.
AI Insider in the making

The way up
the mountain

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Chapter II
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These weeks, we share with you the #AIInsiderInTheMaking series, a 3-chapter story of AI Insider, the full IT service provider making businesses’ transition to their digital future real, more approachable, and sustainable.
You will discover why we are in business, what we stand for, how we are going to break through the world, what we do.
As stories are more than a flash, and so is ours, we share one chapter at a time so you can read each part in one sitting.
In the previous Chapter, Why climbing the next mountain, technology showed to be more like the gear to rely on when climbing the mountain – the partner, not (yet) the way that instantly projects the business into the digital future.
Today, you’ll learn that any IT initiative can impact the business, and acting with trust and empathy makes people better at figuring out and creating and providing the right solutions in the right way. Doing business this way makes it easier for partners to achieve their objectives.
This — is Chapter II:
by Marius Podea
AI Insider Founder

I’ve always been an advocate for partnerships built on trust, and I invest the resources I have in creating and nurturing them. I’ve seen how slowly things move when the level of trust is low, and, over the years, I’ve learned how to rely on communication and transparency to create a trusting relationship. When people see the work going on behind the scenes, every step of the collaboration, they trust us more and value our solutions and services more. We tell and show people who we are and what we do.

When people see the work going on behind the scenes and every step of the collaboration, they have more trust and value the solutions and services more.
For AI Insider, trust is the basis for everything we do and also the essence that a long-term partnership has. Building trust, however, often requires thinking about business from new perspectives. We approach partnerships by relying on technical expertise and interactions. We include here our ability to create and provide solutions and IT services that bring value and harness technological advances by relying on technology as a partner. We also add our ability to understand the business environment and sensing and responding to changes.
Let’s take the example of Robotic Process Automation. Technology-wise, we start with the processes that are well-suited for automation. We apply use cases to show the potential of the technology to answer to the pursued value, document the roadmap and the processes, design the architecture, and so on to cover the full cycle of the solution. People-wise, we ensure that stakeholders understand how they will benefit from automation. We focus on proactive consultancy and take care of the people who will be working with the newly-created solution. We communicate and engage with them at every stage, part of our support to business leaders in change management.
That makes me come back to my previous observation from my first chapter. A technological solution is not necessarily successful because it embodies a new technology but because it integrates without risking any part of the existing business and because the people who benefit from it are comfortable working with it. It is what makes the technology valuable – not only what you implement but also the way you implement it. The impact is as relevant as the purpose when building a trust-based partnership.
Balance results with empathy. Wait. Why empathy?
You can’t build trust unless you genuinely understand your clients. You have to see the world with their lenses as well, then balance results with empathy. Maybe it’s unusual to rely on empathy in business, but that’s how we ensure the impact we make is felt and measured. I think of AI Insider as a full IT service provider by nature and as a partner by approach that makes businesses’ transition to their digital future real, more approachable, and sustainable with the best technology at hand and empathy.
Why empathy? Even if the world is abundant in technologies, we interact with people. They all have their challenges, problems, ongoing changes to handle. It’s simplifying and optimizing internal business operations, improving customer-facing processes, freeing up their colleagues to be more productive, improving the speed of launch for new initiatives, meeting their business KPIs with less overhead, and so on. To create and provide solutions and IT services for them, we have to understand their vision, their business environment, industry, and the contextual flexibility to integrate and adopt a specific technology. In the middle of any change, people need empathy.
Maybe it is why we’re so comfortable spending time listening to our clients. We understand the context of their work and the promise to their customers, define their status quo, identify challenges together, and, with these insights in hand, we create and provide the solutions and services to solve the challenges and problems with measurable impact.
This year, for example, we did this with one of our clients, helping them improve the quality of the web solutions delivered to their customers, restore their team’s working path, and scale the volume of the projects. With the custom-built project management framework we provided, they improved customer satisfaction, the EBIT, as well as their team’s satisfaction.
This way of doing things – acting with trust and empathy – means a promise to our partners: if you work with us, we make every interaction you have with us an individual one. If you need to focus on the key aspects of your business or your day-to-day business, we take care of the technology. We’re also setting up the agile context that keeps you in control of the initiative in every moment of the collaboration. We tell and show you who we are and what we do.
Eventually, what we have learned at AI Insider is that any IT initiative can impact the clients’ business, and trust and empathy are the details that make us better at figuring out and creating the right solutions in the right way. We do business this way because it is easier for our partners to achieve their objectives. It’s the path forward we created and our way up the mountain.

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In the final part of our story, Chapter III, partnerships cultivate and validate shared purpose first, then shared success. What does it take to achieve both?
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