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Leading your digital future

Full IT service provider by nature. Partner by approach.

AI Insider is the full IT service provider making businesses’ transition to their digital future real, more approachable, and sustainable. We do this with an AI-first philosophy, the best technology at hand, and empathy.

In the real world, you need to move forward.
We call it leading your digital future.

You need more than promises about your digital future, you need to move forward, and you need a real and flexible route to it.

Leading your digital future applied to your industry

Enabling the transition to renewable energy, autonomous mobility, digitalization, and big data
Finance & Insurance
Facilitating digital efficiency with focus on customer and processing swiftly and accurately high volumes of data
Green Tech
Using technology and science to reduce human impact on the natural environment
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Addressing healthcare pressing challenges and elevating the scientific purpose
Taking efficiency, quality,
and data to the next
smarter level
Professional Services
service experience
through new lenses
Expanding the boundaries to better respond to customers’ needs and stay competitive

We focus on the challenges you face

First, designing, developing, and optimizing the new, digital, and down-to-earth solutions or modernizing the existing ones. Second, applying automation. Third, leveraging artificial intelligence.

AI Insider
End-to-End Application
Simplifying application landscape and integrating emerging and advanced technologies
AI Insider
and navigating
AI Insider
Artificial Intelligence
and scaling
Artificial Intelligence

Our mission

We’re embracing our mission to guide and help business leaders effortlessly manage their challenges with the best technology at hand.

The result of ten thousand steps in the same direction

From small to medium-sized companies, we’re committed to bringing value to our clients’ businesses through any IT initiative.

Relying on our colleagues and a 1,000-people strong community of specialized technology engineers, industry experts, and delivery partners, we work together with you.

We take together the steps to solve your challenges through end-to-end IT services and by guiding your transition to leading your digital future.

“In the first sessions that we had with AI Insider, the practical advice that we received was immediately transformative to our business. What impressed me and what’s continued to impress me is their ability to listen and understand the context of your work. They have my absolute most earnest wholehearted recommendation.”
Vic Dorfman, Founder of MemberFix

Want to take this conversation forward?

We’d love to hear more about what you’re working on and how we can help you lead your digital future.