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Creating the path forward when there is no map.
AI Insider in the making

Reaching the
top of the mountain

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Chapter III
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Today we conclude our #AIInsiderInTheMaking series, a 3-chapter story of AI Insider, the full IT service provider making businesses’ transition to their digital future real, more approachable, and sustainable.
You learned why we are in business, what we stand for, how we are going to break through the world, what we do.
As stories are more than a flash, and so is ours, we shared one chapter at a time so you could read each part in one sitting.
In the previous Chapters, Why climbing the next mountain, technology showed to be more like the gear to rely on when climbing the mountain – the partner, not (yet) the way that instantly projects the business into the digital future. Then, in The way up the mountain, trust and empathy showed how they made it easier for partners to achieve their objectives.
Today, in our last chapter, you’ll learn that partnerships cultivate and validate shared purpose first, then shared success, and achieving both means taking the responsibility to prepare and adapt continuously.
This — is Chapter III:
by Marius Podea
AI Insider Founder

Since I’ve been in the IT service industry, I’ve experienced transformation and changes that required all of us to adapt continuously. What I think made the difference in this flow was the enthusiasm. It transported people through the most ambitious changes.

Partnerships cultivate and validate a shared purpose first, then a shared success.
Before all else, for AI Insider, the enthusiasm comes from our connection to what we are doing – making businesses’ transition to their digital future real, more approachable, and sustainable. Knowing that what we’re doing makes sense to businesses, creates meaning for their people, covers their needs and objectives – this fuels our growth and adaptability when being both inside and outside our comfort zone. Then, enthusiasm comes from our connection with our clients – feeling connected with them in a way that frees our energy and lets us apply our expertise. Every partnership cultivates and validates our shared purpose first, then our shared success.
Preparedness and adaptability are a responsibility in reaching the top of the mountain.
You may believe, like me, that enthusiasm needs to be sustainable. So, we nuanced it by assuming long-term contributions. And because we think long-term, we know we have responsibilities. It’s our responsibility towards us – to gain a deep understanding of the market and grow our expertise, make responsible decisions, prepare and learn how to succeed and how to bounce back from failures, and, most importantly, to adapt along the way. At the same time, it’s our responsibility towards our clients – understand their perspectives, needs, and business environment with empathy, build trust-based relationships, approach, prepare, and adapt technology as their partner to complement them in realizing their vision and purpose.
Being prepared and adaptable is our responsibility. That is reflected in our mission statement: “Guide and help business leaders effortlessly manage their challenges with the best technology at hand.” It is how we behave – we understand the context and make suggestions while assuring the clients we are providing them the help they need to make their vision and purpose happen. They can focus on their day-to-day business while we take care of the IT challenge.
It is what we did – I’m reiterating my previous example on automation – when working with one of our clients to prepare their recruitment practices with RPA as an alternative to their manual work. In the first weeks, we performed a thorough analysis, making sure the solution brought the highest ROI for our partner. We covered the entire lifecycle while our partner focused on scaling their services and accompanying their customers on talent acquisition strategies. Now, we’re setting our next milestone to cover 2nd and 3rd level support.
The previous experience works if you continuously prepare and adapt to the climb’s conditions, as when entering uncharted paths, experience makes way for adaptability.
Everything begins with the way you perceive the top of the mountain. The journey has not ended once you reach the summit. It is the place where you catch your breath, celebrate the milestone, and look at how you got there. But it’s more than that. It’s the place to set your eyes on the new horizons. With the new horizons, new challenges and opportunities arise beneath your feet. While you briefly enjoy your achievement, you cannot stay put on this summit, as your business must reach new heights. At AI Insider, this is the responsibility for both internal growth and the clients we guided on the way up.
The way you choose your next summit to climb is double pinned: your previous experience cannot work this time if you don’t continuously prepare and adapt to the climb’s conditions.
With the status quo in mind and the direction set, we begin our next part of the journey looking at both familiar and new landscapes. But slippery paths, deep valleys, and foggy views can derail even the most well-prepared climber. As we feel a responsibility for our clients, our fellow travelers, forging through harsh conditions, we must adapt our path, techniques, and tools to get them up.
Similar to mountain climbing, in business, you make your journey while always looking for the milestones to reach. Both activities have their risks, involve navigating in always-changing conditions, and don’t end after reaching the summit of the mountain and planting your flag. When entering uncharted paths, experience makes way for adaptability.
I’m reintroducing my previous remark from the first two chapters. A technological solution is not necessarily successful because it embodies a new technology but because it integrates without risking any part of the existing business and because the people who benefit from it are comfortable working with it. It is what makes the technology valuable – not only what you implement but also the way you implement it. Reaching the summit itself might not be the definition of success, while the way you get there makes you successful.
With each milestone reached, we feel more responsible for the success of the journey and the experience of our clients, fellow travelers. As we reach higher, the conditions get harsher, but the satisfaction of a well-climbed mountain gets bigger.

That’s my conclusion for you: each climb is different, and so is each IT challenge that the business leaders have – more picturesque or mundane, more or less technical, more challenging or more comfortable, and so each IT and business challenge is in the real world – simpler or more complex about the business’s digital future, closer to or farther from adopting and scaling new technologies, focused on addressing the short-term or long-term business horizon. But there’s always a way to prepare and adapt to each climb while keeping the top of the mountain in your perspective.
After all, reaching the top of the mountain is not the purpose. It is the climb. Firstly, embrace your challenges. We’re about sustainability, about creating solutions, providing IT services, and building partnerships that last, and we’re looking at technology as a partner for businesses; we begin with the business, then pursue the technology. Then, enjoy the air with your fellow travelers. We’re advocates for partnerships built on trust and empathy. Lastly, behold the view together with them. We aspire to reach a shared purpose and a shared success, and preparedness and adaptability are our responsibility in achieving both.
In this climb, as the path forward we created, having no map, we let AI Insider be our partner, and we hope it will be yours as well.

We hope you enjoyed Chapter III, Reaching the top of the mountain, and our full story. You can anytime learn more about the previous chapters, Chapter I: Why climbing the next mountain, and Chapter II: The way up the mountain.
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