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Beyond core competence

To truly understand and deliver what solutions fit you best, we complement our technology view by taking a long-term, in-depth-level look at the industry in which you do business.

We are committed to bringing value your way to lead your digital future.


Enabling the transition to renewable energy, autonomous mobility, digitalization, and big data
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Green Tech

Using technology and science to reduce human impact on the natural environment
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Metal sorting solution & IoT

Developing a tailored embedded solution for metal sorting to help our client, a metal sorting plant, separate material with greater granularity, identify material structure with better accuracy, increase the material volume while reducing the processing time and cost three times, and grow every metal piece reusability and value

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Addressing healthcare pressing challenges and elevating the scientific purpose
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Taking efficiency, quality, and data to the next smarter level
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Birthing simulator software

Developing software update for a birthing simulator to help our client, a leading manufacturer of anatomical and biological education models, enhance the user learning experience, increase software performance, and take the product to market in only seven months while complying with medical regulations across multiple markets

Professional Services

Providing service experience
through new lenses
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Expanding the boundaries to better respond to customers’ needs and stay competitive
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Recruitment automation solution

Developing and providing support for an RPA solution to help our client, a recruitment agency, round-the-clock search for and contact the best possible candidates, increase the accuracy of the candidate profiles, scale their services with a 5x factor, and provide recruitment services for the US-based positions while keeping their regular working hours in Europe

Social network application

Providing Managed IT, 2nd and 3rd level support, for a mobile application on Android and iOS helping our client, a German social network, better serve their 30+ million users across Europe and focus their team on new product development

Agile-based project management

Developing a custom project management framework to help our client, a service business specialized in membership sites, improve the quality of the web solutions delivered to their customers, restore their team’s working path, and scale the volume of the projects with a positive impact on EBIT

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