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Real-world-led application services

You may think it’s a long and complex route from legacy to modern applications.
Who doesn’t?

For most companies, finding a practical way to simplify complex application landscapes and absorb technologies efficiently is far from being easy.

But it doesn’t have to be.

With AI Insider, you get there – practically, easy and swiftly – to deliver the experience your customers expect and the results your business needs.

We cover all stages of the application lifecycle using emerging and advanced technologies and approaches. This way, we speed up the development, re-engineering, modernization, delivery, and maintenance of high-quality and secure applications, so you grow faster while reducing uncertainty and risks, time to market, and total cost of ownership.

Make it clear

Application Consulting
What you need, where to begin and how to go forward are just the start.
Digital product design
Technology feasibility and impact

Make it real

Application Development
Strategies and plans
create value
in the real world.
PoC development
Agile software development
Application development
and re-engineering
Application modernization

Make it live

Application Management
Lifelong solutions
cover the
overall business.
Application maintenance and technical support

We’ll take you through a structured yet flexible approach for you to get tangible value faster.

So, what are we doing?
Application Consulting
We ask the right questions.

Digital product design

We start by understanding your business goals and your customers‘ needs and pains.

As ideation and discovery happen best when working together, we engage in a workshop with you and the key stakeholders.

We design a prototype and test the waters with the end-users.

After exploration and validation, we outline – end to end – the best solution architecture, most value-added technologies, timeline, budget, success criteria, and the team to make your digital product real.

We believe this is the approach that gives you a safer context to gain confidence before securing a major investment, reduce risks, and speed up the time to market.


We work with you to scope, plan, and deliver a solid foundational architecture to manage any platform complexity, increase its performance, give it higher adaptability and extensibility for future requirements, and, most importantly, allow your IT-business convergence.

Technology feasibility and impact

We carefully analyze the technology impact in your business, covering its selection, implementation, development, integration, as well as its performance and upgrade.

We rely on internal research to understand your business challenges and generate options on how we might address them. We start with assumptions and run tests.

We identify the technology that meets your business needs, define its value, and make suitable recommendations.

This approach helps you reduce uncertainty and understand the business value behind the technology.

Our capabilities on Application Consulting

Digital product design
Digital product discovery
Digital product audit
Digital product prototyping
Architecture assessment
Architecture strategy
Technology feasibility and impact
Technology research and selection
Technology deployment
Application Development
We put the answers into practice.

PoC development

From our experience, one of the best ways to validate or invalidate business or technical concepts is through Proof of Concept development.

To start on the right foot, we outline the requirements, scope, timeline, budget, and success criteria.

We rely on a framework that covers the full spectrum of the PoC – from research to viability of the concept, from testing to refining the concept, from demo to development and delivery – to achieve the results.

This approach enables you to test more complex ideas and get feedback with minimum financial risks, invest in proven concepts, scale up quickly, and safely prepare the development of the real-world application.

Agile software development and Application development and re-engineering

A full assessment of your current status, team, time, and budget allows us to set up the way of working that best suits the project collaboration, ensuring quality deliverables and a short time to market.

Continuing with defining the business requirements or just after you’ve done that, we work with you to make your application real – from the ground up or re-engineered.

We scope the project requirements, build the project roadmap, and develop the best-fit software solution for your needs considering both functional requirements, its quality, and the end-user experience.

We agree on a single point of accountability, entrust the team with clear roles and responsibilities, and define stakeholder relationships.

We act as a full IT service partner covering the delivery management as well, through self-managing teams, performing transparently through work management, continuous improvement, and progress reports. We understand you need to focus on your business and organizational priorities – roll-out, change management, user adoption.

Application modernization

If you already have an application, we transform it to fit your current and future business needs –
be it more scalable (horizontally or vertically), more stable, running faster, more configurable, or more user-friendly. Or all together.

We get to know your existing application infrastructure and application clusters, we go through and map your business workflows, and identify the most in-need areas of modernization.

This analysis reveals the cost of modernization delay. We believe this approach enables you to base your decision on facts when it is the best time for you to invest in application modernization.

Once you decide to go further, we develop a high-level architecture for modernization.

Then, we advance with defining the requirements, timeline, budget, and success criteria, we experiment, validate, and start designing, developing, and delivering, through product iterations and demos, your modernized application.

With an ergonomic application, UI- and UX-wise, new users have a short learning curve and an increased speed of work.

Our capabilities on Application Development

PoC development

Research and idea validation

Prototyping and demo
PoC report and recommendations for future development
Deployment to client’s environment
Agile software development and Application development and re-engineering
Web and desktop ergonomic application design and development / re-engineering
UI and UX
Application testing
Project governance
Application modernization
Web and desktop application assessment and modernization
Application testing
Project governance
Application Management
We take care of the developed solutions, by us or third-party applications.

Application maintenance and technical support

We know how much it matters to you to look after your IT applications and infrastructure to keep your business running and increase customer satisfaction.

So, we assist you with our application management and technical support.

We believe this way enables you to reduce the total cost of ownership, speed up issue resolution, gain better customer feedback, and reduce costs with systems maintenance.

A bug or a system failure is bad enough, why put your business at risk, load your internal IT team with an unnecessary backlog, and drain your operating budget, which you can invest in innovation and growth?

You and your team can focus on core business, while we take care of your application management and IT infrastructure.

Our capabilities on Application Management

2nd level
technical support
Issue resolution
Root cause analysis
Workarounds and quick fixes
Resolution of high severity and urgent incidents
3rd level
technical support
System changes and changing business needs alignment
Bug fixes
Security and performance issues
System compliance checks
Updates to integration interfaces
Platform and application management
Development Operations (DevOps)

CI/CD implementation

Application performance monitoring

More services

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